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Are you looking for a reputable law firm to handle your divorce? Get in touch with the team at GoodLaw Solicitors LLP. We are based in  Hove and have offices in Brighton, Hove and Farnham. We serve clients in Sussex, Surrey, London and the South East. We are proud to be associated with Resolution, a national organisation of family lawyers, committed to enabling non-confrontational resolutions to divorce, separation and other family problems.

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What is a divorce/dissolution?

Divorce and dissolution is the legal process by which a marriage or civil partnership is terminated. It is a permanent measure and cannot be undone once the final decree or order has been granted.

If you are unsure about terminating your marriage or civil partnership permanently, there are ways to secure yourself financially until you make a decision. However, these are not 100% binding and so, you should discuss your position with a legal advisor.

Equally, if you do not believe in the concept of divorce and dissolution for personal or religious reasons, you may choose to get judicially separated. You may discuss this option further with one of our lawyers.


Going through a divorce or family breakdown can be extremely stressful for all those involved, regardless of your circumstances. That is why we believe in dealing with matters amicably and with as little conflict as possible. This not only helps keep your costs down, but also ensures that you are able to move on harmoniously, particularly where there are children involved.

Civil Partnership Dissolution

Being in the Brighton and Hove area, we regularly deal with civil partnership dissolution and can provide advice that is tailored to your circumstances. The process itself is very similar to divorce and so, to us, our level of service remains the same for all clients. We believe in dealing with matters amicably and with as little conflict as possible to help minimise the impact of the separation at every stage.

Our experts can advise you on all of the options available to you, including when it may be best to start the process. Although you might feel that a divorce or dissolution is inevitable, it may also be possible to put less formal arrangements in place if you are unsure about ending the relationship permanently. We also regularly work with professionals such as counsellors and family consultants to ensure that you have access to the support you need from the very start.

For more information about the divorce and dissolution process, please contact us or download our guide here. Divorce Fact Sheet

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